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Livestream: The_Jade
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Flat Colored - Ferals Only
Jayson by JadeWolfbane
Ahggie by JadeWolfbane
Sundara design by JadeWolfbane
Hello! by JadeWolfbane
I can draw you any of your feral characters, fully colored but without shading, on a transparent background. (Like refs!) Color swabs are optional. I can work with both descriptions and picture references, but pictures are preferred!

What I will draw: ANY FERAL CREATURE. Custom/Made up species are accepted too!

What I will NOT draw: Humans, Furries, Mechs.

Please fill out the following form;
Character name:
References or Description:
Color Swabs: Y/N
 Name/Info on image: Y/N.


My Babies
Click on the character icons to see their website!

Ave - Goro - Jade Wolfbane Hiroki - Kanye - Kiite - Lokai - Lonni - Majic Lin Michael AI - Peira - Ruber - Ryan Tailin - Tobio

Fan Based
Acire - Jarko Redstripe - Wildpup

Astro Boy - Chunky - Danny Fenton

These characters can only be drawn with other Dexteyrian creatures.
Bumblerbee Norie - kazu - Lula Sabik - Shayu



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Mon Jan 19, 2015, 4:50 PM

Despite all the woes and grief that has been happening from the very start of the year, things might be looking a little better. For you all to know, we DID happen to get a car for my dad! And this coming tuesday, if we are lucky, we will be able to get a new car for my mom. IF we are able to get small enough payments.

It is also looking pretty positive that my gma is willing to move out into her own apartment with shawnna and her dog. I'm pretty sure she is sick of us, too. So that means we will be able to find a smaller, cheeper home for ourselves and hopefully I can find a full time job so that I can contribute more into the family and actually be of some help.

Currently, mom gets half my paycheck every week. It does play a huge part in paying for Gas, Food, and sometimes bills. But lately I've been getting so few hours that my checks are getting tinier and tinier.... I know I need a full time job so that I can get better, more reliable paychecks, and contribute more into the house, car payments, and hey maybe we can save up and actually do fun things from time to time!

And in another note,

I had SO MUCH FUN at the FurCon! It was my first year going, so everything was new and wonderful and I can be completely honest and say I didn't want to leave... But yeah! It was amazing and now I am in the market of getting a FURSUIT!

I've picked which suiter I want to make me a suit. However, he hasn't made a house cat suit yet so I'm slightly worried but I'm sure it'll turn out freaking amazing either way. I'm excited and waiting on the quote for it so that I know how much I gotta save up to get it! :heart:

I will also be saving up every week, setting aside $20 - $30, so that I can have more than $100 to spend at the convention. I was able to get a ride and share a hotel with a co-worker and her daughter (Kasino), but next year I am really hoping I will be able to drag my mommy and dad along with so that they can check the place out and see that we furs REALLY aren't that bad. Yes I do get frowns and upsetting words from them about my Fur status, but they do love and support my choices even if they are "questionable". But I want to show them it's not, it's AWESOME.

And I want to see about dragging some friends along with me..! We can share a room and play games and draw and be silly. :heart:

At the Con I was able to meet WandererMochi FACE TO FACE and she's such a sweetie :heart: It was so nice to meet you in person! Hope to see you again next year!!! Thank you for drawing me Kiite and Jade!~

I met a lovely Fennec named Fenrir. He was at the same hotel as us and even arrived at the same time. So while I was looking all over for some form of furry life upon arrival the first thing I see when we get out of the car is EARS! He was so cool. I gotta get his info from Kasino xD

With my tiny budget I was able to get a small collection of things. Some included actual personal art of JADE! I love them all sooooo SOO SO much I have them, as you see, dangling from the lights under my bed, right over my desk! (and I got a BEAUTIFULLY GLORIOUS tail)

Custom Jade Badge by JadeWolfbane

Custom Jade doodle badge by JadeWolfbane

Custom Jade Googly Eyes badge by JadeWolfbane

TAIL by JadeWolfbane


Commissions are OPEN

Click here to visit my website!


$5 ferals! Fully colored and shaded, with transparent background!

I am mostly interested in Paypal $ or Dragon Scales right now!
my paypal is:
dragon scales can go to The Jade

To do list
x1 Non remap Portrait for Ninjifox

x4 Design (Rustic x Tiak) babies
x1 Phant0m Portrait
x1 Samadi


Rest In Peace, Miiko
3/13/13 - 11/2/13

I need to find a good, no lag, long rez time sim in Second Life. Anyone know where I can find such a place? 

4 deviants said I wanna be able to play with my kitties and doggy ;O;


:icondexteyria: :iconstokkr-isle: :iconcityofangelsonfurc:


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