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United States, California


Castiel Pixel by wallaberry
:starbucks: by falexx
I love Boxers by WishmasterAlchemistI love Siberians by WishmasterAlchemistI love German Shepherd Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist
Packers Team Logo by TheStampKing

059 Arcanine by PkmnResource053 Persian by PkmnResource038 Ninetales by PkmnResource135 Jolteon by PkmnResource123 Scyther by PkmnResource

LIVESTREAM by JadeWolfbane
Contact me

Livestream: Jadewolfbane
Twitch: Jadewolfbane
Youtube channel: Jadewolfbane

deviantART: JadeWolfbane
deviantART: WolfbanesAdopts
Fur Affinity: Jadewolfbane

Furcadia: The Jade | Kazu | Danny Fenton | Lune | Kony
Second Life: Megan Silvercloud

tumblr: Jadewolfbane
Skype: Jade.Wolfbane
:facebook: Facebook: Jade Tikal

Altmarket: The Jade


Flat Colored - Ferals Only
Jayson by JadeWolfbane
Ahggie by JadeWolfbane
Sundara design by JadeWolfbane
Hello! by JadeWolfbane
I can draw you any of your feral characters, fully colored but without shading, on a transparent background. (Like refs!) Color swabs are optional. I can work with both descriptions and picture references, but pictures are preferred!

What I will draw: ANY FERAL CREATURE. Custom/Made up species are accepted too!

What I will NOT draw: Humans, Furries, Mechs.

Please fill out the following form;
Character name:
References or Description:
Color Swabs: Y/N
 Name/Info on image: Y/N.


My Babies
Click on the character icons to see their website!

Arither - Ave - Goro - Jade Wolfbane - Kanye - Kiite - Lokai - Majic Lin - Michael AI - Peira - Ruber - Ryan Tailin - Tobio
- Starcat??
- Mako renamed??

Fan Based
Acire - Jarko - Phantom - Redstripe - Wildpup

Astro Boy - Chunky - Danny Fenton - Lune - Searchlight

These characters can only be drawn with other Dexteyrian creatures.







Alpha of Wolfbane
Wolf Pack of Furcadia : Active

Owner of City of Angels
Modern Fantasy RP : Active

Co-Owner of Wolf Cove
Feral Wolf RP : Active

Owner of Stokkr Isle
How To Train Your Dragon RP : In Progress

Top Staff at The Forgotten Worlds
Kingdom Hears based RP : Semi-Active

Owner of Betham
Avatar Airbender RP : Inactive

Ex-Staff at Freedigos BAH
Furcadia Build a Home : Quit

Ex-Delta of Raindance Forest
Wolf Pack of FH : Quit

Ex-Senior Master Sergeant of The Charisma Starship
Sci-fi Space RP : Quit

Ex-Beta of Shadow Trackers
Wolf Pack of FH : Merged with TRS

Alpha of The Rising Sun
Wolf Pack of FH : Disbanded

King of The Legion
Lion Pride of FH : Disbanded

Owner and Commander of Starship Galaxy
Sci-fi Space RP : Disbanded

Art staff at Everglade Ridge
Furcadia feral dream : Disbanded

Ex-Delta of the original The Rising Sun
Wolf Pack of Furcadia : Disbanded


My Friend's Fursonas!
For when I want art with them~


- Da-Mushroom

Brian - ThisIsBrian
- Damien-Rose
Dawn - Dawnface
Dusk - Duskwolf

Evelyse - Hella-Bella

- TVCranium


Juli - Sylvena

- MelJoInu-Chan

Laura - Sushi
Bampires - Sybri

Sorava - Sorava

Pet to the Vet!

Tue Sep 23, 2014, 2:04 PM

My buddy MonsoonWolf is in dire need of some extra cash right now! Her pet Ryder was attacked by another dog and is in need of a vet visit so that they can assess the damage and give the pet some medications to help ease the pain.

The vet visit alone is $150 and then each medications/testing will be extra so who knows what the end result will be once they have a look at poor Ryder. I'm going to guess she will be needing at least $300. ;_;

I know that I fought tooth and nail to get my baby to the vet when she direly needed it, and I will in every other case I have! And I will do the best I can to help out others who need the extra boost as well. So please see what you can do or at least pass the message along!

Monsoon is offering sheet commissions for designs! (5-6 Designs for $5 and 10-20 for $10)

Just look at these lovely designs she can do :heart:
MalikxLitai by MonsoonWolfWolf Adopts *Open* by MonsoonWolfAdoptables*Closed* by MonsoonWolfTomxMonsoon Adopts *Open* by MonsoonWolfWiatxAmelia *open* by MonsoonWolf

If you have any questions for MonsoonWolf please contact her via notes! We'd be happy for any help we can get, even if it's just a little!


Commissions are OPEN

Click here to see prices!

$5 ferals! Fully colored and shaded, with transparent background!

I am mostly interested in Paypal $ or Dragon Scales right now!
my paypal is:
dragon scales can go to The Jade

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Paypal Savings:bulletblue::bulletblue:
:bulletgreen: $0/$250 - Rabbit hutch on amazon
:bulletgreen: $0/$120 - the rest of my soundproofing walls!
:bulletgreen: $0/$1,200 - computer
:bulletgreen: $0/$2,000 - kitten

:bulletred::bulletred:Money I Owe:bulletred::bulletred:
:bulletorange: $20 to Angelofgeek - artwork I never did
:bulletorange: $20 to TheRecurrent - helping me with the wedding!
:bulletorange: $165 to Nancy Brown - Kitten fees

To do list
x1 Animated Portrait for Zella Maila - PAY HER BACK
x1 Non remap Portrait for Ninjifox
x1 Group: Bumblerbee, Lexandra, Goatee
x1 Remap Portrait for Alexandria Hughes

x4 Design (Rustic x Tiak) babies
x1 Phant0m Portrait
Gifts for Sybri
x1 Garzen x Amelia & Lavi x Daryn (need refs for all 4)
x1 Loki x Bampires (need ref for Loki)
x1 Bose x Pez
x1 Samadi

Art owed to me

Searchlight - Shaded Art
Lune - Shaded Art
Kanye - Shaded Art
Ruber - Shaded Art
Ikie - Shaded Art

Miiko - Ref Sheet

The Jade


Unnamed Dog - Shaded Art
Lanny - Shaded Art
Ruber - Shaded Art
Kile - Shaded Art
Valcure - Shaded Art
Kanye - Shaded Art

Majic Lin
nameless starcat


Rest In Peace, Miiko
3/13/13 - 11/2/13

Should I make a big halloween picture? -READ FIRST COMMENT- 

17 deviants said Yes! Do everyone's respective fursonas!
2 deviants said Yes! Do everyone as cats again!
2 deviants said Yes! Do everyone as wolves this time!
1 deviant said No.
No deviants said Yes! Do your OWN characters!


:icondexteyria: :iconstokkr-isle: :iconevergladeridge: :iconcityofangelsonfurc:


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